Welcome to McGinity Law, home to El Dorado County’s law firm for: Family Law, Criminal Law and Administrative Law solution and resolutions. We realize you are coming to us with your delicate and personal matters and that’s why every case and every issue is addressed professionally, with understanding and sensitivity.
We have an excellent reputation that we are very proud of. It is built on our ability to offer you the dignity, respect and compassion you deserve, especially now when you’re dealing with a tough emotional period in your life. Right now you may be in a situation where the people on the other side of the negotiating table or the courtroom are family members, law enforcement or licensing officials whom you never imagined you’d be speaking to through an attorney.
We respect your life. In other words we respect the family bonds, community reputation, and professional reputation you’ve built over time. We understand that disputes between siblings, parents and children, in-laws and other relatives require firm resolve tempered by delicate diplomacy if there is to be hope of maintaining or repairing harmony.
We also know when to fight and how to fight. When that time comes, we are your hired gun. We are here to protect your rights, no matter what the area of law: Family, Criminal or Administrative.
We have a strategic understanding of the law that enables us to provide you with new possibilities and innovative ways of helping minimize risk while maximizing progress towards your goal.
That’s why we believe we’re the best place for you to start to achieve a fresh start.